Bench Scales

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  • Tanita KD-200

    Tanita Low Cost Bench Scale KD-200

    £75.00 exc VAT

    The Tanita KD-200 is a digital bench scale with a removable splash proof top plate and long battery life. It’s ideal for use in domestic and commercial kitchens.

  • Jadever JWN

    Jadever JWN Bench Scale

    £95.00 exc VAT

    The Jadever JWN is one of the most accurate bench scales available in our range – graduations can be as accurate as 0.2g. Capacities up to 30kg are available.

  • B-200 Series

    B-200 Series

    £95.00 exc VAT

    The B-200 ‘Boxer’ Bench Scale is a robust digital weighing scale which is ideal for weighing small packets, parcels and boxes.

  • jadever bench scale

    Jadever JWE Bench Scale

    £115.00 exc VAT

    The Jadever JWE is a high accuracy, multi-functional bench scale with a capacity up to 30kg and accuracy to 0.1g. The scale has Accumulation and Count functions, as well as a hi/lo alarm to make weighing processes quicker and easier.

  • p-9719-em-30kam

    EM Series

    £116.00 exc VAT

    The EM Series entry level scales feature A&D’s novel ‘chopstick’ design of platform construction keeping both weight and cost to a minimum without sacrificing the robustness demanded of scales weighing up to 150Kg. A standard rechargeable battery and RS232 interface mean the EM series tick’s all of the essential boxes for a basic platform scale.

  • HL-WP Series

    HL-WP Series IP65 Dust & Waterproof Compact Scales 

    £130.00 exc VAT

    HL-WP Series – IP65 Dust & Waterproof Compact Scales. Fully stainless steel top loading balances suitable for harsh environments. Ideally suited for food preparation. Capacities range from 300g to 3000g with increments from 0.1g to 1g.

  • b-100-Weigh-With-Us

    B-100 Scale with Rechargeable Battery.

    £140.00 exc VAT

    The  B-100 Bench Scale is our best-selling stainless steel scale. Truly waterproof, its IP68 rating means it can withstand some of the most punishing environments, and can be hosed down at the end of the day. It is powered by internal rechargeable battery (providing at least 40 hours’ continuous use), and has a choice of capacities from 3kg x 0.2g to 30kg x 5g.

  • Jadever JCE Counting Scale

    Jadever JCE Counting Scale

    £145.00 exc VAT

    The Jadever JCE is a low-cost counting scale for parts counting, sampling and check weighing.
    This portable weighing scale comes with a full range of features, including hi/lo check weighing, pre-set tares, full numeric keypad and built-in overload protection. It also has a quantity alarm, accumulation and an auto power-off function.