Hanging Scales

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  • OCS-L Series

    OCS-L Series

    £69.00 exc VAT

    The OCS-L is a lightweight, battery-powered hanging/crane scale for simple suspension weighing. Capacities are available from 30kg to 300kg.

  • OCS-S1-Crane-Scale

    OCS-S1 Crane Scale

    £160.00 exc VAT

    The OCS-S1 is a lightweight, high accuracy hanging/crane scale available in a range of capacities to suit different industries and needs. The scale is ultra lightweight and battery powered.

  • Hanging-Scale

    OCS-X Crane Scale

    £205.00 exc VAT

    The OCS-X Crane Scale provides the most efficient, simple solution to suspension weighing. The scale is constructed from lightweight aluminium making it genuinely portable.

  • OCS-Z Series

    OCS-Z Crane Scale

    £735.00 exc VAT

    The OCS-Z is an easy to use, high capacity digital crane scale for heavy-duty suspension weighing. It can be ordered with a capacity of 10 or 20 tonnes, making it the highest -capacity crane scale available from Weigh With Us.