Digi DS-530 Floor Scale

Digi DS-530 Floor Scale Class III approved bench and floor scale. It has a heavy duty construction with proven durability, a base size of 380mm x 480mm with a stainless steel top plate. It is available approved as 60kg x 20g, 150kg x 50g and 300kg x 100g. It has full range tare and pre set tare and is powered by mains or replaceable batteries.

    • 250 £
    • 250 £
    • 250 £


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Digi DS-530 Floor Scale

Capacity 60kg 300kg
Graduations 20g 100g
Dimensions 475mm x 475mm x 900mm
Power supply Mains/Replaceable batteries
Batteries 6x C size dry batteries
Battery Life 200 hours of continuous use
Additional Features
  • Trade Approved bench and floor scale
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Stainless steel wash down top plate
  • Zero
  • Tare/Preset Tare
  • Low battery indicator
  • Waterproof plastic housing
  • Auto-power off

What is the DS-530?

The Digi DS-530 is a Class III Approved floor scale with a column mounted indicator and capacities up to 300kg available. It’s perfect for weighing sacks, boxes and small drums/casks.

What is a Trade Approved scale?

Trade Approved scales are legal for applications where the price of an item is based on its weight. A rigorous testing programme is conducted by a Notified Body in order for a scale to become Trade Approved. Trade Approval signifies the scale meets certain quality standards and is fit for purpose.

Why should I choose the DS-530?

If you need an affordable, durable floor scale for weighing sacks, crates, drums and casks, and you are pricing items based on their weight, choose the DS-530.

As well as a stainless steel top plate on its base, the DS-530’s indicator boasts a waterproof plastic housing and easy to use functions. With the indicator at a convenient height, you can access its Tare/Preset Tare and Zero functions easily.

This scale can be powered from the mains or with six ‘C’ sized batteries. One set of batteries will provide up to 200 hours of use. A choice of capacity and graduation options are available: 60kg x 20g  and 300kg x 100g.