P-NA-JIK Platform Scale

The P-NA-JIK is a durable mild steel platform scale, designed, with its range of accessories, for automating weighing processes.

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Capacity  600kg, 1500kg
Graduations 0.2kg, 0.5kg
Base dimensions 1200mm x 1200mm x 55mm / 1200mm x 1500mm x 55mm
Power supply Mains/Rechargeable
Batteries 6 volt rechargable battery
Battery Life 40 hours of continuous use
Additional Features
  • IP67 stainless steel indicator
  • Mild steel platform with durbar surface
  • RS-232 port fitted as standard
  • Hi/lo alarm
  • Works with optional printer, light tower
  • Optional relay board for automated weighing
  • Can send data to PC using optional USB leads
  • Optional ramps (750mm long) for pallet trucks and roll cages
  • Suitable for all warehouse and factory areas
  • Can be used for liquid filling tasks
  • Large backlit display
  • Wall bracket for indicator included
  • 100mm platform height
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Counting
  • Zero
  • Hold
  • Accumulation
  • Second scale input
  • Tare

What is the P-NA-JIK?

The P-NA-JIK is a durable mild steel platform scale, designed, with its range of accessories, for automating weighing processes. You can send weight information directly to a PC, print sticky labels for each weight reading or use the scale to control other devices, meaning you can set up auto filling and weighing systems that require less human control. The P-NA-JIK is built for weighing large bulky items, particularly palletised goods, with capacity options up to 3 tonnes.

How can I send weight data from the scale to a PC?

The P-NA-JIK comes with RS-232 output as standard. This means it can be used with the optional Scale to PC USB Lead, which allows weight information to be sent from the scale to a PC.

The Scale to PC USB Lead simply plugs into the USB port of your PC. Open an Excel spreadsheet, and when a weight reading registers on the scale, press Print on the indicator keypad and the data will appear in your spreadsheet. In fact, the weight reading can populate almost any document that you have open on your computer. The weight reading can be sent from the scale, and the date and time of each reading can be sent also. If you need to record weight data from the scale, simply add the Scale to PC USB Lead from the Accessories list to your order by clicking the checkbox. A wireless version is also available.

How can I print from these scales?

You can print sticky labels – that include weight, date and time information – directly from this scale. The GP-3120 Thermal Sticky Label Printer available from the Accessories list prints sticky backed, 56mm x 56mm labels as standard. However, we can supply label widths up to 76mm. Simply connect the printer to the scale, and when a weight registers on the display, press Print on the indicator keypad and Net Weight, Gross Weight, Tare, Weight, Date and Time can all be printed. If the scale is in Count mode, the count information can be printed instead.

What are automated weighing processes?

The optional relay board available with this platform scale means that certain processes can be automated, which in turn means less manpower and human supervision of your weighing processes is required. For example, if you are weighing bags of produce as it is fed from a hopper, the scale can be connected to the hopper to switch off the feed once a target weight has been hit.

The P-NA-JIK’s in-built hi/lo alarm further aids automated weighing with its red/amber/green display denoting whether you are below a target weight, above a target weight or have hit a target weight. For even more weighing automation, a light tower is also available.

Why should you choose a mild steel platform scale?

Like all our mild steel platform scales, the P-NA-JIK is ideal for use in all warehouse and factory areas. It’s is available in a choice of sizes, capacities and graduations, with ramps available for use with pallet trucks.

This platform scale is low profile and comes with 4m of load cell cable as standard. The 4 x 1000kg capacity load cells are safely mounted within the structure of the platform – this protects the cables from damage by fork trucks when the platform scale is being moved. A wall bracket is supplied for mounting the indicator. The JIK indicator is also IP67-rated, meaning it can be used in damp, humid or dusty environments.