Floor Scales

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  • p-9719-em-30kam

    EM Series

    £116.00 exc VAT

    The EM Series entry level scales feature A&D’s novel ‘chopstick’ design of platform construction keeping both weight and cost to a minimum without sacrificing the robustness demanded of scales weighing up to 150Kg. A standard rechargeable battery and RS232 interface mean the EM series tick’s all of the essential boxes for a basic platform scale.

  • MSS-I-400

    MSS-I-400 Bench Scale

    £189.00 exc VAT

    The MSS-I-400 makes simple weighing tasks even easier! This general purpose check weighing scale has a bright, 32mm LED display, a choice of capacity and graduation options, and a rechargeable battery meaning it can be used anywhere.

  • V-250

    V-250 Large Floor Scale

    £195.00 exc VAT

    The  V-250 is a large general purpose stainless steel floor scale, with a capacity of 250kg. It has a stainless steel wipedown base, an easy to read indicator with a bracket for wall mounting, and is powered by 6x AA batteries.

  • FG Series Platform Scales

    £205.00 exc VAT

    FG Series scales combine fast response time and rock-solid durability in an easy to use package. Three user-selectable display readings let you choose the resolution needed for the job.

  • MS-150/300

    MS-150/300 Stainless Steel

    £205.00 exc VAT

    The MS-150/300 is a general purpose industrial floor scale, with a stainless steel platform and separate indicator. It has a 150kg – 300kg capacity and is accurate to 50g/100g. This electronic scale is ideal for post rooms, goods in areas and general warehouse environments.

  • MSS-I-100-400

    MSS-I-100 Bench Scale

    £210.00 exc VAT

    The  MSS-I-100 is a general purpose check weigher and bench scale with a 304 food graduate stainless steel platter. It has a choice of capacities, graduations and base sizes meaning the scale can be tailored to your needs. A rechargeable battery means the scale can be used anywhere. The MSS-I-100 is perfect for use in factories and warehouses for produce and goods weighing.

  • V-150

    V-150 Floor Scale

    £215.00 exc VAT

    The  V-150 is a large stainless steel floor scale available in either 150kg or 300kg capacities. Click from the drop-down box below to choose the capacity/graduations you need.

  • MS-150/300

    V-150/V-300 Stainless Steel Platform Scale

    £215.00 exc VAT

    The  V-150/v-300 is a large stainless steel floor scale, which is available in either 150kg or 300kg capacities. It features Hold and Tare functions, and can be switched from g/kg to lbs. Wheels and a handle make it easy to move the weighing scale around warehouses.

  • Digi DS-530 Floor Scale Series

    Digi DS-530 Floor Scale Series

    £250.00 exc VAT

    Digi DS-530 Floor Scale Series Class III approved bench and floor scale. It has a heavy duty construction with proven durability, a base size of 380mm x 480mm with a stainless steel top plate. It is available approved as 60kg x 20g, 150kg x 50g and 300kg x 100g. It has full range tare and pre set tare and is powered by mains or replaceable batteries.