Stainless Steel Scales

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  • HL-WP Series

    HL-WP Series IP65 Dust & Waterproof Compact Scales 

    £130.00 exc VAT

    HL-WP Series – IP65 Dust & Waterproof Compact Scales. Fully stainless steel top loading balances suitable for harsh environments. Ideally suited for food preparation. Capacities range from 300g to 3000g with increments from 0.1g to 1g.

  • b-100-Weigh-With-Us

    B-100 Scale with Rechargeable Battery.

    £140.00 exc VAT

    The  B-100 Bench Scale is our best-selling stainless steel scale. Truly waterproof, its IP68 rating means it can withstand some of the most punishing environments, and can be hosed down at the end of the day. It is powered by internal rechargeable battery (providing at least 40 hours’ continuous use), and has a choice of capacities from 3kg x 0.2g to 30kg x 5g.

  • b-100-Weigh-With-Us

    B-100 Scale (Non-Rechargeable).

    £160.00 exc VAT

    The B-100 is ’s best-selling waterproof weighing scale. The IP68 certification means this bench scale can withstand use in some of the most punishing locations. This version is powered by non-rechargeable batteries meaning there is no need to recharge the scale when battery power is low or find a mains socket for charging – simply replace the 6x AA batteries.

  • SK-WP Series

    SK-WP Series

    £165.00 exc VAT

    A&D’s stainless steel waterproof scales are ideal for bench tops and are approved for trade use. These scales are available in capacities ranging from 1kg to 30kg, with increments from 0.5g to 10g.

  • pb-ss-i-100ss

    PB-SS-I-100SS Stainless Steel Weigh Beams

    £825.00 exc VAT

    The PB-SS-I-100SS is a set of portable stainless steel weigh beams. The beams are waterproof to IP68, making them ideal for washdown environments. The indicator is certified IP65.

  • pb-ss-i-100ss

    PB-SS-I-100SS-APP Stainless Steel Weigh Beams

    £905.00 exc VAT

    The PB-SS-I-100SS-APP is a Trade Approved stainless steel weighbeam scale. Stainless steel weighbeams are the perfect portable solution for weighing goods in environments that may be damp, humid or dusty.